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Love, Annamaria

Love, Annamaria, is an homage to Gemma’s nonna, who was born and raised in Genova, Italy. 


“I spent a lot of time with my nonna. I was an only child and her only grandchild for my first 10 years. I was very shy, rarely did I stray away from her side, she was my shepherd.


For many mornings, I would hop into her fiat punto convertible to buy groceries at the mercato. I followed her to the parrucchiere when she got her hair colored. I would sit in the kitchen eating nesquik and focaccia while she cooked for all her adult sons who still lived at home. I would go around the yard with her as she trimmed the rose bushes or picked sage, bay leaves, lemons, figs for later...oh how I attended so many bridge tournaments at the Park Tennis Club! This is what my summers looked like: a day in the life with Annamaria a Genova.


My nonna passed away in late 2009, but she wasn’t ready to go. She had so much life and love left in her. I have so much life and love left for her.


Love, Annamaria was founded as an homage to my muse whose spirit I carry with me everyday. This genoese food brand not only allows me to put forth my expertise in hospitality which I have cultivated for over a decade, but also serves as a reminder to celebrate our shepherds in this precious life.”


Gemma Carrari Richardson

Gemma is an Italo-American raised in New York City who has worked over a decade in food and hospitality in the United States, England, and Italy. Gemma is an official Global Ambassador to the City of Genova as well as an Italian Wine Ambassador with Vinitaly.. When Gemma is not talking someone’s ear off about Ligurian cuisine, she is generally cooking it! You can find Gemma on a motorcycle or a road bike, cuddling a dog, dancing to Latin pop and always planning her next adventure. 

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